Murray announcement no cause for celebration yet.

Announcements today regarding the return of a possible 3200GL of water are a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done if we are to return the Murray Darling Basin to health.


The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists have today stated that 3200GL achieves 66% of the Murray Darling Basin Authority's own environmental water requirements and only 3 of the 20 South Australian environmental water requirement targets.

"By capping possible flow return at 3200GL we are condemning the Murray Darling Basin to a bleak future" said Peter Owen, Campaign Manager for the Wilderness Society.



2012 CCSA Environment Awards

On September 6 we honoured South Australians making contributions to the environment.

The Jill Hudson Award is presented to a South Australian who, in the twelve months preceding the Award made an outstanding contribution to protecting the environment.This year Daniel Spencers was honoured for his work as part of the Repower Port Augusta campaign over the past 12 months.

CCSA's Unsung Hero Award recognises a person (or group) who has made a sustained contribution (ie over an extended period of years) to protecting SA's environment.This year Jane Cooper was honoured for her work as an ornithologist in Streaky Bay on the west coast, who has spent 33 years as a volunteer studying birds on Eyre Peninsula and beyond.


Feral or In Peril wins UN Award!

Our Feral of In Peril program won a UN World Environment Day Award last Friday night for Excellence in Coastal and Marine Management.

Congratulations to all involved in the program!

For more information about the Feral or In Peril program visit the Reefwatch website or read our blog.


eNGO Summit on the threats to environmental laws

Briefing paper.

Communique 17 May 2012.

Environment groups from across Australia met today in Canberra to challenge recent attacks on Federal and State environmental protection measures.

We are alarmed at this attack on our environment protection laws. These laws protect our way of life, they protect the environment which gives us clean air, clean water, protect threatened species and the environmental values that are important to all Australians.

None of us are untouched by these threats to our land water communities and wild places  and none of us is willing to allow that to be taken from us what makes our lives meaningful, beautiful and important. We represent a substantial cross-section of Australian society and will inform and mobilise our communities.



Revised Basin Plan still a dud.

The Conservation Council of South Australia has deep concerns about the revised draft of Murray Darling Basin Plan, released today.

Conservation Council CE Tim Kelly said: 'There has been no increase in the amount of water to be returned to the river system, even though numerous scientific analyses have agreed that 2750 GL will not be able to restore the system to health.'

'As for what amount would actually do this, that is a question that we still don't actually have the answer to.


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