World Environment Day - What now for the environment in SA?

June 5 is World Environment Day and the 2013 theme is Think.Eat.Save, an anti-food waste and loss campaign. While the rest of the world is looking at ways to stop waste, the South Australian Goverment is closing down Zero Waste SA, the award winning, world leader in waste reduction, based here in South Australia.

"As the population keeps growing and our natural environments continue to decline, there has never been a more important time to prevent waste," said Julia Winefield, Campaign Coordinator of the Conservation Council SA.


Conservation Council SA launches Green Hubs Energy Efficiency Program

Conservation Council SA is proud to launch the Green Hubs Energy Efficiency Program, an initiative designed to assist community organisations to lower their energy costs and become more environmentally sustainable.

"Community organisations often struggle with high energy costs but do not have the financial resources, or the time, to explore options to address their situation," said Green Hubs project coordinator Kathy Whitta.


National call to halt coal and gas bonanza

Today South Australians will join a national call to federal MPs to control the reckless fossil fuel expansion taking place across the country.

MPs Australia-wide will receive the 'Call to Country' document, which describes the dangers of the current coal and gas mining expansion, and sets out 10 clear asks for the federal government to slow it down.


Grant Writing Bootcamp

Grants Header

CCSA is organising a grant 'bootcamp' for anyone wishing to improve their grant writing skills from any sector. Whether you're in arts or social services, conservation or health, this workshop will be a one day intensive for anyone writing grants.

This full day workshop provides an opportunity for grant seekers to:

  • Learn how to better articulate the needs of your community
  • Learn how to make a succinct and targeted 'pitch' for a grant
  • Get a clear understanding of what different types of projects grant makers can and can't fund

Come face-to-face with some real live grant makers and assessors.


Join us in the 2nd Great Groper Count!

Last year CCSA received a State NRM Community Grant to help its work towards unravelling the secrets of the western blue groper (WBG). Many volunteers helped us to survey western blue gropers at 25 sites across SA.

Excitingly we'll be doing it all again this year!! So if you missed out last year, you've got a second chance at seeing this spectacular reef fish. If you're interested in being involved, please contact Steve Leske: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

One of the more prominent and spectacular of South Australia's diverse reef fish, WBG populations are believed to have diminished across the state's gulfs, so having this second year of data will help to build a good snapshot of the state of blue groper in SA.


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