Scientists raise alarm on Basin Plan

The scientists who conducted a review of the methodology used by the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) have confirmed fears that the proposed Basin Plan will not meet specified environmental objectives.

The review, which has been prepared by the CSIRO and published on the MDBA website, says that:

  • The modelled scenario of 2800GL SDLs does “not achieve the majority of the hydrologic targets”, and is not consistent with the currently stated environmental goals

No surprises? Conservation Council of SA consistent and clear

18 November  2011

After a number of delays, the Murray Darling Basin Authority is expected to release their Draft Plan for the Basin on the 28th of November 2011.

Conservation Council SA Chief Executive Tim Kelly said, "Restoring and protecting the Murray-Darling Basin system to be managed sustainably for current and future generations as well as the environment is an absolute necessity. We must ensure that Plan aligns with the best available science".


Olympic Dam amendments are legitimate

It is disappointing to see our new Premier joining the chorus of voices condemning the state Greens for seeking to amend the indenture legislation for the Olympic Dam mine expansion.

Conservation Council SA Chief Executive Tim Kelly said: "The Premier's responses in today's Advertiser do not adequately address the legitimate concerns Mr Parnell has raised."


Congratulations to the Environment Awards 2011 winners!

On November 3 the Conservation Council held our annual environment awards at Tandanya. The night included the Green Hubs and Sustainability commendations, recognising the work of community groups to build a sustainable future.

This year's field of nominees was very strong making the final decision very difficult for the judging panel. There were four awards given on the night, presented by Rob Morrison OAM.


Roxby Indenture Amendment Bill submission

We made this written submission to the Select Committee established to inquire into this legislation that facilitates the massive expansion of the Olympic Dam mine.

The committee initially refused to grant us a hearing, but after some media attention agreed to (albeit with very short notice).



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