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Ranns climate change laws a first for Australia

ELECTION 2006 Media Release 3 March 2006

The Conservation Council of South Australia and Greenpeace Australia Pacific have today congratulated Mike Rann and the ALP for committing to laws which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by the year 2050.

"This will be the first time greenhouse gas cuts have been made law in Australia. The ALPs election commitment to strong greenhouse gas laws gives SA its best shot so far at combating climate change", said Michelle Grady, CEO of the Conservation Council of SA.

"The greatest threat to South Australias future is climate change. Adelaide is reliant on the River Murray for up to 90% of its water in low rainfall years. The Murray is projected to lose up to four times SAs current usage in the next 50 years as a result of climate change if bold measures are not taken", said Ben Pearson, of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

"Climate change unaddressed will put SAs many threatened species at even more risk of extinction, and will have dire impacts on our wine and agriculture industries, with increased flooding and more severe droughts.

"Nothing less than strong laws to cut greenhouse gas emissions in South Australia will make a difference. This is a very encouraging announcement by the Rann Government and must be matched by the other Parties this election as well as being backed up by binding targets for renewable energy", said Mr Pearson.

"By announcing greenhouse laws, the Premier is positioning SA to lead the nation in combating climate change and benefiting from the markets and jobs that will come from targets that are set in stone, said Ms Grady.

"Equally as important in this legislation will be the ALPs commitment to sourcing 20% of SAs energy from renewable energy by 2014. The strongest possible anchor for renewable energy in legislation is needed for SA to reap the rewards of a booming renewable energy industry as the bridge to a clean energy future", concluded Ms Grady.



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