Adelaide joins new national Super Trawler protest

26 APRIL 2015


Adelaide joins new national Super Trawler protest

Two years after the Margiris was banned from operating in Australian waters, a new factory freezer trawler has just been allowed to operate by the Australian Government, sparking outrage around the country.

Today, conservationists, recreational fishers, divers and concerned community members will gather in Port Adelaide at one of a series of protest events across Australia.

And the fears of conservationists and community members have proved correct with revelations this week that the new trawler, the Geelong Star, has already killed four dolphins and two fur seals within its first few weeks of operation.

“After huge protests in 2012 forced the Federal Government to ban these types of trawlers, a new threat has emerged – one that is already killing wildlife,” said Craig Wilkins, Chief Executive of Conservation SA, one of the organisers of today’s Adelaide protest.

“It’s only taken days for our worst fears about the new mega freezer trawler to be realised.  

“The Australian Government gave assurances that strong management measures would be in place to safeguard iconic and protected wildlife.  These have turned out to be empty promises.

“While the rest of the world is desperately trying to get rid of this type of industrial scale fishing in the face of over-fishing, it beggars belief that the Federal Government is welcoming them into our waters.   

“There is overwhelming public support for the permanent banning of all Super Trawlers in Australian waters. 

“It shouldn't be left to community groups to protect our valuable fisheries and precious marine wildlife. 

“We call on the Australian Government to immediately ban the Geelong Star and all other large factory freezer trawlers from Australian waters,” he said.

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