Our Work

Protecting Nature

SA's unique natural environment – with many species occurring nowhere else on the planet – is a deep and essential part of our identity. Protecting our state's environment is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of climate change, population pressures and our modern way of life. We need to preserve our biodiversity, restore special places that are suffering, and ensure our natural wonders are around for future generations. In the...
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Healthy Rivers

Water is life. As the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on earth, we know how precious our rivers, wetlands and other waterways are. Our greatest rivers — the once-mighty Murray and Darling — are in a desperate state.  From the Murray Mouth to the heart of the Darling, Conservation SA is committed to fighting for our rivers.  We've supported our member groups all along the Murray and Coorong, co-founded...
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Living Sustainably

There is so much we can do to tread more lightly on the planet. It's essential our government sets up South Australians for success by establishing laws and infrastructure that make sustainable choices easier. Business also has a huge role to play, but we can all reduce our footprint by making small but impactful actions every day. As a people-powered community organisation, Conservation SA can help lead the way: 'If...
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Energy Transition

South Australia has an incredibly exciting story to tell. In the space of a few years, we have gone from zero to over 50% of our power from the wind and the sun, and we are only a few short years away from 75%, with 100% renewable energy in a decade within our reach.  That transformation is remarkable on a world scale. We know we can do it - we...
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Climate Action

Climate change is the biggest single threat to every living thing on our plant, including humans. The need for action is acute and growing rapidly. We have a very small window to accomplish a huge turn around in our systems, investments and infrastructure. This is an emergency and will require an extraordinary transformation. The good news: there is much that we can do, and South Australia is well placed to...
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Support us and get involved

Contact Conservation SA on (08) 8223 5155, [email protected], or at our offices at the Joinery at 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide.

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