Delight as nuke dump plan buried for good

7 June 2017 

Delight as nuke dump plan buried for good 

The state’s peak environment body has strongly welcomed today’s announcement from Premier Weatherill that he now considers the global nuclear waste dump is dead, vowing that Labor will not revisit if after the next state election. 

In Victor Harbor at the Country Cabinet meeting on Monday the Premier said the plan was ‘dead’.

In today’s InDaily, the Premier went further confirming that, “It’s not something that will be progressed by the Labor Party in Government."

“This is great news. We are delighted the Premier has announced that he has no intention to re-visit the divisive debate on a global nuclear waste dump in SA if he is re-elected in March,” said Craig Wilkins, Conservation SA’s Chief Executive.

“The dump was a dead plan walking after last year’s huge and sustained community opposition which culminated in the Citizen’s Jury. With today’s commitment from the Premier, the plan can now be buried for good.

“With the Marshall Liberal Opposition, along with Nick Xenophon and the Greens, also strongly opposed, this threat that South Australians have faced since the Royal Commission was announced two years ago is now over for the foreseeable future.

“This is a win for all the many South Australians who stood up and demanded a better option for our state than as a home for the world’s radioactive waste.

“Our state’s clean and green reputation is an enormous asset. With our world-leadership in waste management and renewable energy, as well as our beautiful wild spaces under the seas and on land we have so much to celebrate.

“We now look forward to the Premier standing up for the people in Kimba and the Flinders Ranges fighting against the Turnbull Government’s push to impose radioactive waste from Sydney’s Lucas Height’s reactor onto their communities,” he said.

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