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We've done the research and believe your best option in SA is Diamond Energy, the highest ranked electricity retailer in SA in 2014 and 2015 in the Green Electricity Guide.

By making the switch to an energy company that is passionate about renewables you’re helping to keep our state a world leader in renewables. And by switching to Diamond Energy you are also supporting Conservation SA.

For every Conservation SA supporter who signs up through this offer, Conservation SA receives a small contribution. These funds will go towards our work advocating for renewables in SA! 

The switch to Diamond Energy is easy – it can be done online and only takes a couple of minutes.



Why should I switch my electricity retailer?

There has been a shift towards rooftop solar and other forms of renewable energy in Australia. But the Dirty Three retailers AGL, Origin and Energy Australia are clinging on to the old ways of fossil fuel energy generation.

By supporting energy retailers who are working to support renewable energy in Australia, you’re helping to transform Australia into the renewable energy powerhouse it should be.

*** The Dirty Three Energy retailers – June 2014 Greenpeace

Can I switch?

Anyone who is connected to the electricity grid can switch away from the Dirty Three energy retailers to an energy retailer who is working to support renewable energy and has stronger environmental credentials.

How do I switch?

You can switch to Diamond Energy online and they will even contact your current electricity retailer to let them know you’re switching – it’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

What happens after I switch?

Once you switch to Diamond Energy you can sit back and enjoy receiving competitive rates, discounts and no hidden surprises – it’s hassle free.

If you are interested, you can also give them a call during business hours to get lots of smart energy tips to help you take greater control of your electricity usage and costs.

What if I am on a contract and want to switch?

You can change your electricity retailer at any time. If you are on a contract with your existing electricity retailer you can find out from them whether there are any exit fees when you leave, but ultimately they can’t stop you from switching.

Will switching cost me more?

Diamond Energy continually delivers competitive rates, discounts and no hidden charges so you don’t have to pay extra to do the right thing.

Where does Diamond Energy source electricity from?

Diamond Energy sources electricity from their renewable energy plants in northern Victoria and third party renewable generators, such as the Starfish Hill Wind Farm in the Fleurieu Peninsular, South Australia. They also source electricity from rooftops of thousands of solar customers across the country that are exporting into the grid.

They aim to source more electricity from renewable generators than the total amount consumed by their home and business customers.  It is exciting to know that the more customers they have, the more renewable generation they can support.

You can read more about their recently connected new renewable generators on their website.

Is the offer available for people with solar panels on their roof?

Yes. Diamond Energy is the solar friendly retailer and services thousands of solar customers offering some of the most competitive rates and one of the highest feed in rates for solar. If you are one of the early adopter households who recognised the benefits of solar years ago, then you are probably already receiving a state based feed in tariff under a scheme that is now closed to new recipients. Subject to eligibility check, you will continue to receive your feed in tariff when you switch to Diamond Energy. If you are eligible for a net feed in tariff, they will top it up with their standard rate (currently 8c/kWh) - one of the highest available.

Diamond Energy also has programs that offer even higher feed in rates if you purchase a new solar system through one of their Pure Power solar installers, including programs supporting solar panels locally manufactured in SA.

Does Diamond Energy offer GreenPower products?

Yes. Diamond Energy offers Diamond Pure Plus, a GreenPower accredited product range for those wanting to make the extra commitment to support renewable energy products. If you choose Diamond Pure Plus, they will voluntarily surrender additional Renewable Energy Certificates to encourage further investment in renewable energy than the government mandates under the RET.

Who is Diamond Energy owned by?

Diamond Energy is an Australian private company, owned by the management team, some small investors and with a minority interest by the global US solar panel manufacturer, SunPower Corporation (a multibillion dollar company listed on the NASDAQ).

Diamond Energy was formed in 2004 and has won numerous awards for renewable generation projects throughout Australia.

What difference will switching make?

The more customers that switch to Diamond Energy, the more new renewable energy projects they can support in Australia. They are proud to work in regional areas of Australia supporting local investment and employment benefits. They also support solar panels locally manufactured in SA and you can contact them for more details.

Visit here to see the range of innovative generation projects they have delivered and supported in the Australian market place. 


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