Help Keep Science Alive at SA Museum

An ever-increasing number of people are deeply concerned about the major restructure and loss of highly experienced and valued staff underway at the SA Museum.

The proposed changes will devastate the Museum’s research capability and institutional knowledge, as well as staff capacity to care for the Museum’s irreplaceable assets, including its priceless collections.

Capturing 165 years of continuous research, and tens of thousands of years of First Nations cultural knowledge, the collections housed at the South Australian Museum are not only one of the most significant cultural assets in SA, they are among the most significant in the world.


Rally at SA Museum

We need to stand up and make our voices heard.

Please come along and spread the word!

Support us and get involved

Contact Conservation SA on (08) 8223 5155, [email protected], or at our offices at the Joinery at 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide.

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