Last nail for nuke dump push: nuke community consultation delivers big thumbs down

14 November 2016

Last nail for nuke dump push: nuke community consultation delivers big thumbs down

With the results of the state-wide consultation now in, it’s time for the Premier to end the push for a nuclear waste dump in SA, says the state’s peak environment body, Conservation SA. 

“Most of State Parliament have said ‘no’, the Citizen Jury have said ‘no’, economists have said ‘no’, ordinary South Australians have said ‘no’, and most importantly, Traditional Owners have very clearly said ‘no’,” said Conservation SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins.

“There is clearly no support or consent for this investigation to continue.

“As the person who kicked this off, the Premier now has an opportunity to end it sooner rather than later so we can get on with creating the smarter, cleaner and more prosperous state we all want,” he said.

The state-wide ‘Know Nuclear’ consultation which promoted the Royal Commission’s view that there was potential in a global nuclear waste dump came back with a clear lack of support from South Australians to continue the investigation.

Despite the pro-dump focus of much of the ‘consultation’, 53% of South Australians were opposed with only 31% in support. Opposition was particularly strong among Aboriginal people. Only 20% were confident the waste could be transported safely, and two thirds were deeply sceptical about the claimed economic potential of the proposal.

“South Australians have clearly said they don’t want their home to become the nuclear waste dump of the word. In particular, Aboriginal people have explicitly and consistently said they don’t want this.

“There are so many better options for our state. It’s time for the nuke dump push to end,” he said.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation & Response Agency, Nov 2016, 'Community Views Report'. 

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