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Premier Marshall, declare a climate emergency!


To: Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia


Dear Premier Marshall

Climate change is the biggest single threat to South Australia. 

This is an emergency and will require an extraordinary transformation.

We have a very small window to accomplish a massive turn around in our systems, investments and infrastructure. The first step is to stop making climate change worse by sending greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - that means no new fossil fuel development in SA.

We call on you to do what is necessary to protect our state's future.

It is time you declare a climate emergency and commit to no new fossil fuels in SA.

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Kirby Mackrill
Jane Preston
Patricia Irvine
Vicki Sulda
Sandra Gill
Holly-Anne Heath
Annette Boyle
Victoria Vejo
Nicola Otto
Kira Page
Chloe Roberts
Susanne Jahnes
Matthew Farrell
Simon Badcock
gabrielle o'loughlin
Ben Koop
Vanessa Snedden
Karen Roberts
Mike Trewartha
Jackson Turner
Robyn Waite
Debra Stacey
Marilyn Ruhn
Julie-Anne Whitehead
Deb Cashel
Jim Douglas
Paul Laris
Isabella Bogdan
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