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We're open for oil and gas?!

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At the Paris Climate Summit, our Premier committed to be a world leader in climate change action with a goal of less than 2 degrees global warming. 

The very idea of now encouraging new fossil fuel projects is mind-boggling. Yet our State Government is heavily promoting that "South Australia's Door Is Open" to oil and gas mining.

This is the wrong direction. It's reversing when it comes to acting on global warming, is economically reckless for our state, and threatens our future.

The world is saying enough is enough. South Australians are saying it's time for change. Our leader's business as usual approach of launching a next generation of fossil fuels, when there is an alternative clean energy path, is crazy. 

Let's shut the door on new fossil fuels in our backyard. 

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Christine White
Richard Stanford
Ashley Roberts
Margaret Hender
Lucy Mae Duldig
Flora Carbo
Heather Heggie
Aaron Owen
Abraham Brookes
Emma Knights
jessica robinson
Jared Robinson
Adrian Fenech
Sophie Henke
Angela Butler
jason Jeffery
Martina Ward
Kelly Henderson
michael robinson
Christopher Jolly
Georgie Neaylon
Danielle Boogourd
Elizabeth Story
Jaimi Smith
marg moate
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