Species names and photo credits

species collage

Species names and photo credits 

From left to right, starting in the top left-hand corner: 

  • Pultanea dentata
  • Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-wren (photo credit: Martin Stokes) 
  • Calochilus (photo credit: Marcus Pickett)
  • Xyris operculata
  • Elatine gratiloides
  • Viminaria juncea
  • E. paludacola
  • Eulamprus heatwolei
  • Bibron's toadlet (photo credit: Tom Hands)
  • Southern pygmy perch (photo credit: Michael Hammer)
  • Spiranthes
  • Sphagnum
  • Lindsaea linearis
  • Coral fern (photo credit: Sally Roberts)
  • P. frenchii 
  • D. binata
  • Epilobium pallidflorum 

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