Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones
Electorate: Boothby
Party: Independent

1. Do you support oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight?

No, I rule out supporting any drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight. This is an outrageous proposition by both parties, to even entertain this kind of activity. Allowing drilling in the Bight is being considered and has not been ruled out by both major parties. This is inherently risky with the ‘drill bit’ needing to be over five kilometres long. The risk of a blowout and large oil spill is very real. The risk is of huge environmental damage to fish, birds, reefs and coast, risking not only the beaches of Boothby, but putting tourism at risk, putting the fishing industry at risk, putting property prices and our whole economy at risk. And all to dig up and burn a fossil fuel that future generations will wish we had left safely deep in the earth. Even the World Bank is ceasing funding of oil extraction because of the threat to our environment. If Equinor drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight some very rich people will get even richer, at great risk to us. Despite the risks and 68% of South Australians opposing it the main Parties are not stopping this. Why? Because they stopped caring about voters a long time ago.

2. Do you accept that, regardless of the actions of the other nations, Australia should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero as soon as possible, including those from fossil fuel exports?

Yes, global warming and climate change resulting from human produced emissions is a looming crisis for Australia and the world. Climate change poses significant risks to the economy including agriculture, the environment and safety with extreme weather events. Australia must do its part to address emissions, and urgently. As one of the wealthiest countries we have no excuse. We must set an example and then encourage other nations to seriously address emissions. Our exports of fossil fuels need to be reduced. A price on carbon which includes these exports should be phased in.

3. Do you support a ban on all new fossil fuel exploration in South Australia?

Yes, all new fossil fuel exploration in South Australia, and all Australia, should cease. There are already far more known reserves of fossil fuels than the earth can afford to see extracted and used.

4. If you are elected to be the next representative for the people of Boothby, what actions will you take to ensure the Australian Government and Parliament deliver real and meaningful action over the next 5-10 years to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions across the energy, agriculture and transport sectors?

I will work with the main parties to achieve a bilateral agreement on addressing climate change. With a target of zero net emission by 2050 at the latest. I will seek for the Climate Change Authority to be reinvigorated with appropriate climate scientists and the ability to provide direction for achieving the targets. Stationary Energy (51.4%), Transport (13.9%) and Agriculture (15.2%) are the 3 largest sources of emissions and all need to be reduced.

5. What will you do to deliver a solar thermal with storage plant in Port Augusta?

The planned solar thermal plant in Port Augusta is a project worthy of additional support from the Federal Government to see it able to proceed. I will work with the Federal and SA State Governments to examine how it can be made viable. And assist with opportunities with other possible suppliers of the plant. I would be supportive of any plans by the SA State Government to finance and run the project as a State-owned or part-owned operation.

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