In 2004, South Australians said no to the Federal Government's plans to build a nuclear waste dump in our state. Nearly 15 years later, a citizen's jury of everyday people from our communities rejected a plan by the Weatherill Labor Government to import high-level international nuclear waste. 

Now the Federal Government is once again proposing to build a national nuclear waste facility in SA.

The proposed national dump would store intermediate-level nuclear waste, not dispose of it. The long-lived intermediate-level waste would be stored above ground as an ‘interim’ measure until being moved again for deep underground disposal. There are no plans for permanent disposal of the long-lived intermediate-level waste, so ‘interim’ above-ground storage in SA could stretch to 100 years or more.

We continue to support the community and environment groups fighting for a nuclear-free future for our state.

Conservation SA is a proud member of the No Dump Alliance. More more info on nuclear-free SA, visit their website.

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