Time for a planning and transport re-think


27 July 2020

Time for a planning and transport re-think

The state’s peak environment body has called on Premier Marshall to use the opportunity of a new Minister to reset a number of controversial policy issues, including reforms to planning and public transport, and the North-South Corridor.

“The content and the roll-out of the new Planning & Design Code has been deeply problematic – with Councils, developers, and community and resident groups all seeking delays and significant changes,” said Conservation SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins.

“A new Minister must bring fresh eyes and a new approach.

“The first step is to put off the start date for 12 months to allow time for a community consensus to emerge over the best approach to infill development,” he said.

The North South Corridor also needs new thinking with a range of voices, including Property Councils’ Daniel Gannon’s call for a different way forward. 

“Completing the North-South Corridor is a hyper-expensive white elephant which will lower, not improve, our standard of living.

“There are so many more innovative transport alternatives that will reduce commuting times, improve freight access and lower pollution for far less cost.

“This is a brilliant opportunity for Steven Marshall to ensure an infrastructure legacy that will set us up for success – not extend a concrete monstrosity.

“Central to any new Transport Minister’s vision must be genuine, long term investment in improving our public transport.

“The more money we spend on the North South corridor, the less there is for public transport.

“The new Transport and Infrastructure Minister’s priority must be to radically improve our bus, tram and train services,” Mr Wilkins said.

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