Conservation SA Annual Reports

Conservation SA is pleased to release the organisation's annual report for 2022–2023.

Report: Comparison of Australia's Capital Cities Tree Laws (2022)

This report is an addition to the “Comparison of Australia’s Tree Laws” published in 2021, designed to look specifically at the tree protections in place for Australia’s capital cities.

Report: Busting Tree Myths

Pervading myths about trees are leading to their demise to the great detriment of liveable climate change-resistant cities. This new publication complied by Ann Doolette busts some of the more common tree myths – all based on scientific evidence –...

Strategic Plan 2021–2023

Our Vision: A healthy, biologically rich and environmentally sustainable South Australia.

Report: Comparison of Australia's Tree Laws (2021)

This report assesses what other jurisdictions across Australia’s metropolitan cities do to protect their urban forest and establishes best practice, with a particular focus on areas of similar climate, urbanisation and population density.

Report: 1,200 Bridges Too Far

1,200 Bridges Too Far: Off-farm water recovery spending in the Murray Darling Basin   Money originally allocated to ensure a healthy Murray-Darling Basin is now earmarked to be spent on seemingly unrelated infrastructure in New South Wales. Instead of recovering...

A Call to Action: Protecting Adelaide's Tree Canopy

Adelaide needs a bolder vision to integrate our planning system with the preservation of our big trees and the tree canopy they create. Visionaries in the past have done this. Now it’s our turn to meet this challenge on behalf...

What's happening to Adelaide's trees?

This report has been prepared by community, non-profit and professional organisations concerned with what’s happening to our trees. We hope Government and Council decision-makers will recognise the value of preserving big trees in Adelaide’s landscape and take all necessary steps...

Give a Damn Report

Give a Damn is Conservation SA's youth project exploring how young people can make day-to-day behaviour changes to live more sustainably.

Champions and Changemakers

Conservation SA's Champions and Changemakers project aims to build the capacity and resilience of groups and people in the environment sector in SA.

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