Have your say before 8 May

Coorong fisher and River Fellow, Glen Hill. Photo: Ben Pederick

On 8 May our elected representatives will vote on whether to allow 605 billion litres of water to be taken from the Murray-Darling Basin.

Parts of the Darling have dried up, and the whole river is at risk of running dry this year. South Australians at the Murray mouth know all too well that the Murray River could be next.

Enough is enough. A few key decision makers have the power to make sure our rivers have enough water to reach their wetlands and then out to sea.

With this critical vote, SA's elected members — Senators Penny Wong, Don Farrell, Cory Bernardi and Simon Birmingham, and MPs Tony Pasin, Christopher Pyne and Mark Butler — have an opportunity to stand up for our rivers.

Will you ask them to secure enough water for our Murray before it's too late?


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