Strong backing for Labor’s increased renewable, storage ambition


21 February 2018

Strong backing for Labor’s increased renewable, storage ambition

Conservation SA has welcomed today’s announcement by SA Labor to increase the state’s renewable energy target to 75% and create an energy storage target.

“Increasing the state’s level of renewable energy alongside storage is the only credible energy option for South Australia,” said Conservation SA CE Craig Wilkins.

“Renewable energy is now not only the cleanest option, it’s also the cheapest option.

“But more than that, increasing SA’s target to 75% by 2025 is only reflecting reality. 

AEMO – the Australian Energy Market Operator has recently forecast that by 2020-21 approximately 73% of generation in South Australia will be produced by renewable sources, increasing from 49% of total region generation in 2016-17.

That modelling of a ‘business as usual scenario’ in South Australia was done in July last year before the solar thermal plant at Port Augusta was committed.

“When you have the conservative AEMO forecasting that SA will reach 73% in 3 years anyway just doing business as usual, a 75% target in 7 years is totally achievable.

“And the addition of a storage target ensures the increase in renewable energy will be incorporated well into our energy mix.

“The only thing that will stop this inevitable increase is if there is a deliberate attempt to ban or slow down private businesses and households investing in renewables.

“The plan by Steven Marshall and the Liberal party to scrap the current renewable energy target, let alone an increased target, is disappointing and concerning.

“He is acting like King Canute if he thinks he can stop the inevitable increase in renewable energy in SA.

“And to equate higher renewables and storage with higher prices shows a reckless indifference to the truth,” he said.   

AEMO's report :

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