Landholders leading swamp management

This project helps landholders design and implement management and restoration projects for Fleurieu Swamps, both within their properties and across their catchment. 

Landholders value their areas of nature on their properties but rarely have the opportunity to lead this work. This project aims to hand conservation responsibilities back to those that actually manage the landscape, and provide them with opportunities and support to maximise positive environmental outcomes.

This project combines the efforts of landholders and conservationists to create plans and co-develop a shared vision for the landscape. After developing a plan and identifying knowledge gaps, the swamp team will seek out ways of providing the information to landholders. They can then continue the good works already begun through fencing out stock and controlling weeds. As an example, some landholders have suggested they might benefit from identifying the native and weed plants and animals living in and using their swamps.

Great work has already been started in two catchments in the Parawa and Mt Compass areas.

Landholders have decided on actions that are appropriate for their area and these include:

  • gaining funding for weed mapping and a plant identification and weed control course, so they can more effectively control weeds within their catchment
  • putting out digital cameras to survey for native animals within their swamps
  • working together as a group for deer and kangaroo control
  • discussing the potential to monitor water quality.

A second catchment group is:

  • undertaking projects to restore hydrological flow to the swamps
  • discussing seasonal fox baiting options to protect the endangered Mt Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-wren
  • looking at options to restore vegetation around their swamps and connect habitat for the Emu-wrens
  • seeking opportunities to develop catchment scale weed management plans.

If you are a landholder with a Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp on your property and are interested in becoming involved or setting up your own group, please contact Tim Vale on (08) 8552 0309 or at [email protected].

Support us and get involved

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