Benefits of swamp management

“Just seeing that fencing, what that can do alone – without any planting, anything being done – that natural habitat coming back again and all the birdlife and insects and everything and the waterways stay clean – I think that has probably been one of the biggest benefits for me.” – Kathy, property owner for 21 years.

fenced swamp regenerating

(Photo: fenced Swamp regenerating)

Looking after the Swamps isn’t just beneficial for the emu-wrens. There are many benefits to managing the Swamps properly – economic, ecological, environmental and social. Broadly defined, the fundamental services provided by a healthy Swamp within a catchment are:

  • store, cleanse and re-release water over time, protecting the landscape against drought and severe weather
  • flood mitigation and erosion prevention through slowing run-off and through-flow (avoiding flash floods with erosive power and low residence times) and increasing absorption
  • filter and trap sediments and nutrients (e.g. pesticides, fertilisers and other toxins)
  • help break down pollutants
  • sources of energy for aquatic food webs
  • habitat to many native plants and animals, including species that are threatened with extinction at the local, state and/or national level
  • maintain the biodiversity and health of nearby riparian and terrestrial areas
  • maintain the integrity of nearby riparian and terrestrial areas by providing temporary refuge as well as buffering from adjoining land use
  • source native insects and pathogens that provide natural pest control to crops and stock. 

For more information, check out 'Caring for our Fleurieu Swamps, FACT SHEET 1: the value of the Fleurieu Swamps'. Click on the picture below to download the PDF. 


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