Swamps and your property

“If you’re fortunate enough to have a patch of remnant scrub and you get involved in fencing if off, looking after it, learning about it, it actually value adds, to me, the whole rural experience. Instead of just having an interest now in farming or beef cattle, I’ve now got a conservation interest.” – Kym, hobby farmer.

If you think you have a Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp on your property (it doesn’t matter if you aren’t completely sure), there are people that can visit your property and help you assess. Alternatively, if you already know you have a Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp on your property but you need help managing it, staff from Conservation SA will be able to provide you with advice about weeding regimes and management, as well as being able to point you towards possible funding opportunities. For more information, contact Tim Vale on (08) 8552 0309 or at [email protected].

Please note that due to limited resources the Recovery Program prioritises sites for actions. The first step will be an assessment to determine whether your Swamp or MLRSEW habitat is a priority.

At present, the Recovery Program only has funding to work in the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region, not the Natural Resources South Australian Murray Darling Basin region.  

Inappropriate management practices may damage the swamps (particularly the biodiversity and sustainability) so it is always safest to check before engaging in modification of a swamp or changing management practices. 


The Commonwealth’s EPBC Act and the South Australian Native Vegetation Act 1991 are two crucial pieces of legislation for landholders who have swamps on their property. You will need to consider this legislation before clearing any swamp or changing the land use. Removing native vegetation, slashing, burning and changing grazing regimes or land use are all activities that may require approvals. You should also be aware that the SA Natural Resources Management Act 2004 regulates water and weed control activities that may affect swamps (especially swamps containing gorse and blackberry).

For more information on how these Acts may impact you as a landholder, visit:

As Fleurieu Swamps are water dependant ecosystems, reductions in rainfall or interruption of surface water has the potential to impact on Fleurieu Swamps.  Water allocation plans can play a crucial role in ensuring long terms supply of water to Swamps. For further information on WAPs click here.  

Disclaimer: This guide is not a substitute for proper legal advice. The legislation changes regularly and some details have been omitted in order to provide a brief overview. Contact the appropriate Government Department or your solicitor for more detailed legal advice. 


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