Woolly consultation won’t help community decide on nuke waste


29 July 2016

Woolly consultation won’t help community decide on nuke waste

Heading out on a nuclear dump roadshow with so many key facts unknown will leave the community more confused, not less, says the state’s peak environment body as the next stage of the Government’s nuclear community consultation process begins.

“The economics are uncertain, the safety is unproven and key details, like where the multiple dumps will be located, are unknown,” said Conservation SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins.

“How can the community give its consent to proceed with this plan to turn our state into the world’s biggest nuclear waste site when there are so many things that are still unclear?

“Today marks the start of 100 site visits involving woolly and abstract ‘conversations’ with key facts missing.  Yet, there is nothing woolly or abstract about importing high level radioactive waste,” he said.

The Conservation Council of SA has written to the Premier asking him to refer the Royal Commission’s economic modelling to the SA Treasury for their analysis. 

“So far, the only revenue numbers released to the SA community are the work of just one private consulting firm – one that was revealed this week as having strong ties to a previous attempt to impose high level radioactive waste on Australia in the 1990s.

 “At the very least, the South Australian public deserves a credible second opinion on the dollars.

 “And seeking community consent before the location of the port, above ground coastal storage facility and underground dumps has been decided is also not fair or appropriate.

 “How can the SA community be expected to have a clear view about whether this should proceed or not when they haven’t been told critical aspects of the plan?” concluded Mr Wilkins.

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