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Nature for Wellbeing - Is your team missing out?

Many workplaces are now implementing wellbeing programs and are becoming a priority for many human resource managers. However, there is one important factor that many are forgetting although it may be the most powerful: access to nature.

This new and unique wellbeing service is an activity that combines elements of mindfulness, psychology and social connection, all in a natural setting.  It is very low impact, not strenuous hiking.

With a focus on slowing down and awakening the senses, this experience involves a series of guided invitations to help relax, become present and make contact with nature. The experience invites room for listening and reflection, for quiet and accepting presence, and for inquiry through all the senses, in a non-judgmental setting. This immersive experience is also known as forest bathing, or shinrin yoku.

Our certified guide combines all these elements, and ensures the experience is relaxing, restorative and inspiring.

This is an ideal wellbeing and team building activity as it increases trust, improves mood, self-esteem, memory and attention, and reduces stress, blood pressure and anxiety. It can also be integrated into a leadership development program to help develop authentic and compassionate leaders, so talk to us if this is of interest.

Each experience lasts 2.5 - 3 hours and usually takes place at Belair National Park, although the location is negotiable.

Sessions include our Certified Nature Connection Guide, tea and snacks, as well as take away information about how participants can include nature wellness practices in their lives both at work and at home.

As with similar practices, the benefits of this practice grow deeper with repeated experiences, so you can book a trial session now, and if your employees love it, you can come back to book multiple sessions. Or if you'd like to integrate this into an existing wellbeing program, talk to us to find out how we can help.



Research shows that regular nature contact for employees can reduce employee stress and health complaints, increase productivity, improve memory and restore attention. Studies also demonstrate that there are many important links between spending time in nature and a wide range of benefits to mental, physical and social health.

Time in nature also increases crucial leadership skills, such as mindfulness, creativity, better risk-taking, the ability to see patterns and contributes to the development of agile and authentic leaders.

To develop a happy, health workforce don't forget to get your team out of the office and into nature.

Even the Harvard Business Review recommends it!


Introductory Offer

For up to 10 people, this special introductory offer is available at half price, just $350!

In return for this very special price we ask for testimonials, referrals to other businesses and the use of your company name on our client list.

Larger groups can be booked at a higher price, please ask us about this.



We can provide expert advice about implementing nature-based activities into the daily lives and workplaces of your workforce, whether this is through integrating nature into a wellbeing program, or in other ways.

Our knowledge of environmental psychology, nature connection, wellbeing and health can help your team to be healthier, happier and more satisfied with their work, so why not talk to us?

Please contact Program Manager and Nature Connection Guide, Alex Gaut to find out more: [email protected] or call 8223 5155. 




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