Gas and Fracking in SA

As the world has started running out of large and easily extracted reservoirs of gas, the industry has developed various methods to release gas trapped within layers of rock, including fracking.

In the eastern states, fracking has caused huge controversy. Social movements opposing fracking have unified people of all ages and backgrounds across the political spectrum. This has achieved some real wins, with projects being stopped and even bans on the whole industry. But these wins don't come easily.

In South Australia, we are now facing the threat of industrial gasfields across our state. Despite the gas industry is a minimal contributor to SA’s jobs or economy, the state government has been pushing hard to open up gas resources, even paying companies to explore for gas in some of our most beautiful and productive landscapes. The South East is now covered by exploration licences.

It's only a matter of time until all this exploration for gas moves to the next stage — unless we put a stop to it.

In SA we've got far better options. We are already getting half of our energy from renewables, and this will increase rapidly with planned new large scale batteries and one of the world's biggest solar thermal power plants that will store energy for hours after the sun has set.

We don't need a new gas industry that will risk our state’s foodbowl, our water supplies, our spectacular landscapes and even our own health.

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