Citizen Jury says NO to nuke waste dump plan

The Citizen Jury set up to consider a nuclear waste dump for SA has comprehensively rejected the idea, with a thumping 2/3 majority saying no under any circumstances.

"This is a clear and comprehensive rejection by ordinary South Australians of the Royal Commission's nuclear waste dump dream," said Craig Wilkins, Chief Executive of the state's peak environment body, Conservation SA.

"The nuclear industry likes to push a myth that the more people get to understand nuclear issues, the more supportive they are.  Well, 350 South Australians have spent over 40 hours hearing about a nuclear dump for SA and the more they heard about it, the less they liked it.

"The Royal Commission has put forward a deeply flawed plan, and the citizen jury has comprehensively rejected it.

"The dollars don't stack up, the safety concerns are enormous, Traditional Owners have said no, and now a citizen jury made up of randomly selected South Australians from across the state have well and truly rejected it as well.

 "The message to Premier Weatherill is clear: it's time to stop nuclear-wasting our time and money.

"Last month the Premier said:  'the most powerful force that we have in this state and this nation is the common sense judgment of ordinary, everyday citizens'

"Well, ordinary, everyday citizens have spoken and it's time for the Premier to listen," he said.

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