Climate action takes centre stage in Adelaide

29 November 2015

Climate action takes centre stage in Adelaide

Thousands of people from a many different groups and backgrounds have taken to the streets of Adelaide calling for climate action, justice and jobs in the lead up to the Paris climate change talks.

“This is one of the biggest community rallies in Adelaide for years.  The people of South Australia have sent a clear message to all political leaders as they head off to Paris that they expect genuine action,” said Craig Wilkins, Chief Executive of Conservation SA, one of the groups behind the march.  

“Today’s march is not just about stopping the world getting warmer; it’s also about stopping the world getting meaner.

“That’s why it was so wonderful to see so many different South Australians from all faiths and backgrounds working together to call on our leaders to act,” he said.

Marchers stood silent on King William Street for a minute to remember those who are dealing with the impacts of climate change, including the people of the Mid North struggling in the aftermath of a wildfire that hit far too early in the fire season.

The State Government has also released today its latest climate change strategy, as Premier Weatherill joined with Mayor Martin Haese to formalise a commitment to make Adelaide a carbon neutral city.

“We warmly welcome the release of roadmap that clearly points South Australia towards net zero carbon pollution by 2050,” said Mr Wilkins.

“Now, as Premier Weatherill heads off to Paris to join world leaders at the UN climate change talks, we are looking for genuine investment and policy change to make it happen.

“Conservation SA strongly backs the recommendation this week from the State Government’s advisory panel on a low carbon economy for SA to be powered by 100% renewable energy.  We know we can do it in as little as 15 years. 

“Communities like Port Augusta struggling with the closure of old technology power plants are crying out for new investment and new opportunities. Solar thermal is a real option – however, it won’t be built unless governments, both state and federal, help make it happen.

“We look forward to hearing what concrete actions will be taken to turn first Adelaide, then the whole of South Australia, carbon neutral,” he said.

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