Intertidal Training

The Reef Watch Intertidal Program includes a suite of methods, with each one giving us information about different aspects of the reef. The manual explains the purpose of each method and how to undertake them however, in-field training is strongly recommended before taking on any monitoring. The manual also provides a brief background to intertidal rocky reefs and their importance. There is information on ecological sampling, safety matters whilst working on a reef and also what to do before starting. Details of the photopoint surveys (an optional method) is included.


Species ID sheets

The following sheets illustrate each species that we look for during an intertidal monitoring session. Details on their characteristics and size are provided.

Sheet 1- Molluscs and crab

Sheet 2 - Aggregate sessile organisms

Sheet 3 - Molluscs 1

Sheet 4 - Brown Algae

Sheet 5- Molluscs 2

Sheet 6 - Green Algae

Sheet 7 - Molluscs 3

Sheet 8 - Red algae and seagrass

Data sheets

In development. 

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