Nuclear Pot of Gold is a Myth

11 February 2016

Nuclear Pot of Gold is a Myth

The state’s peak environment body has welcomed today's release of a new report that questions grandiose claims of an economic bonanza arising from the creation of a global nuclear industry in South Australia.

The report The impossible dream. Free electricity sounds too good to be true - it is was prepared by leading economic think-tank The Australia Institute.  The Conservation Council of South Australia commissioned The Australia Institute to analyse the submission of Senator Sean Edwards to the SA Nuclear Royal Commission.

Conservation SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins said the analysis presented a much-needed dose of reality.

“There's been a lot of grandiose claims made about a nuclear waste-led economic boom for our state, including free power and the scrapping of all state taxes,” Mr Wilkins said.  

"The reality is there is no magic pot of gold. 

“The Edwards proposal manages to ignore basic economic laws of supply and demand while leaving tens of thousands of tonnes of highly radioactive nuclear waste for future generations to deal with.

“Either way you look at it the Edwards proposal contains high risk and fuzzy logic.  

"Either South Australia solves the problem of long-term safe storage of toxic nuclear waste – a problem that no other country has yet been able to fix despite decades of research and failed proposals – in which case other countries will simply follow our lead and we quickly lose our monopoly position that underpins the economic case Senator Edwards is making, or we don't solve it and are left with a social, economic and environmental nightmare for our state.

“This is not a legacy we should be leaving for our children.”

The Royal Commission is due to release tentative results Monday morning at 11am.

The Australia Institute Report can be found here. The Edwards submission can be found here.  The Conservation SA submission to the Royal Commission can be found here.  A critique of the Royal Commission can be found here.

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