Volunteer Information


Your safety comes first.

Reef Watch has undertaken a detailed risk assessment of its diving activities and will be implementing some new procedures, including:

  • a detailed dive safety briefing
  • a reminder email for all dive volunteers
  • dive safety log
  • a hazard identification process will be done on the day (by the Reef Watch Dive Officer), prior to any diving

We would like to remind all volunteers that they are free to not participate, or to cease their participation in any Reef Watch activity if they feel at all unsafe, or at risk. 

Remember you are responsible for your own pre-dive fitness including regular health checks, not being hungover, not diving with a cold or any other ailment affecting the ears and nose, etc. You are also responsible for staying within no decompression limits. You must monitor your times and depths if doing multiple dives close together.RecommendationsFor your own safety, we strongly recommend that you: 

  • Carry a dive knife, surface marking device (e.g. safety sausage), whistle and dive flag at all times

  • Provide your own appropriate personal protection if diving at very hot or cold times of the year (including e.g. sun protection if walking for long distances in hot sun)

  • Take out South Australian Ambulance Service cover ($83 per Single in 2018) for emergency transport. Conservation SA volunteer insurance does not cover the cost of ambulance transport in the case of an emergency.

 Other diving protocols

  • All Reef Watch diving activities take place at locations within 1.5 hours drive of medical assistance

  • All Reef Watch dives are 12 m or less

  • Reef Watch does not conduct dives at altitude

  • Reef Watch does not plan to do more than two dives in a day

  • The Reef Watch Dive Officer will inform divers if a shark has been sighted in the dive location in the previous 24 hrs

  • The Reef Watch Dive Officer will undertake a hazard identification process at each dive site prior to diving to ascertain any unforeseen hazards

The Reef Watch Dive Officer always carries a first aid kit, an oxygen cylinder, a mobile phone and contact information of relevant authorities for emergencies. The Reef Watch Dive Officer is trained in first aid, CPR and oxygen administration. 



All Reef Watch volunteers must be registered volunteers with the Conservation Council of South Australia to be covered under the Conservation Council of South Australia's Voluntary Worker's Insurance Policy. You can download the policy here

The policy clearly sets out details such as the benefits, limitations and exclusions. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • No payment for any claim for persons over 80 years old, or under 12 years old

  • No cover for emergency transport (e.g. ambulance)

  • No cover for any claim arising directly or indirectly from pre-existing illnesses


Support us and get involved

Contact Conservation SA on (08) 8223 5155, [email protected], or at our offices at the Joinery at 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide.

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