Landholder profiles

Step into the swamps and hear what some of the landholders have to say about the program...

“There’s a few [Emu-wrens] down at Deep Creek, if they want to have a quieter life away from all the picnickers, we’re only a few kilometres up the road!” – read more from Kym here.

“In bad years when our dams were running dry and the creeks were stopping and we didn’t have any water basically we had to shift the cattle to places where there were but now we can still use all of our paddocks because we’ve got water in them,” he says. Click here to read Craig’s article.  

“Making me realise, that actually, by protecting it, just fencing it, it can actually come back! That for me has probably been one of the biggest thrills to see – that it’s come back to something spectacular,” she says. Read the full article about Kathy.

Peter says, “At the end of the day as a landowner, our philosophy is we try leave our farm in a better condition than when we first started using it.” More here.

“Previously we had ten paddocks that covered all the creeks and grazing land as well, so fencing off creeks was a very good idea from a grazing management point of view,” says Geoff. Read here


Photo credit: Peter Matejcic

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